What is VITU?

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VITU an abbreviation and stands for Virtual Tumor Board.

The declared goal is to provide a process-oriented information and communication platform to digitally support tumor conferences. The preparation, planning and recording of tumour conferences should be facilitated for both management / planning / treatment teams and external experts as participants of tumour conferences. In the long term, a continuously progressing digitalization is to bring together relevant information in a structured digital form in VITU.

DEMO: Under the following link you can try out the current version of VITU in your browser: https://demo.molit.eu/

VITU is based on modern platform independent web technologies and enables semantic interoperability by using the HL7 FHIR data format. Patient-related data are stored in a decentralized concept. This allows a machine-readable storage of the genetic findings, the tumor board recommendation and the process of the virtual tumor board.
Prozess support

VITU is a continuous support from the planning, to the execution, to the logging.


VITU uses the HL7 FHIR standard. The data exchange is enabled across system and device boundaries.

Bessere Wissensnutzung
Better use of knowledge

The integration of external study and knowledge databases is being sought.

Data security

Processing of personal data takes place only in the context of treatment.