What is EQU?

With EQU, the Electronic Questionnaire, any questionnaire can be displayed in FHIR format. The respondent only needs a mobile device such as a tablet. The tool runs in the browser and can be accessed from anywhere – even offline. Stored questionnaires can be easily assigned to patients and displayed in the required language. During development, great importance was attached to ease of use, which was tested in usability tests.

A large number of question types are supported in order to enable an individual design of the questionnaires. In addition, there is no restriction to the number of stored questionnaires. Communication via FHIR guarantees high interoperability and enables the use of mobile devices via a REST endpoint. To ensure the confidentiality and integrity of patient data, the data server is located in the customer’s internal network. External access is only possible through the application server. EQU’s flexibility makes it versatile:

  • Previously paper-based questionnaires or forms in practices and clinics can be displayed digitally.
  • Questionnaires in clinical studies can be individually adapted to different questions.
  • Hygiene surveys can be carried out on a mobile basis, thus simplifying quality management.
  • With real-time monitoring of a therapy, critical states can be recognized immediately and reacted to.

Survey results can be retrieved in real time in order to optimally care for patients during therapy and to detect abnormalities at an early stage. A tabular or graphical presentation is possible.