Personalized medicine

The knowledge about the importance of the body’s immune system in the fight against a tumor and the decoding of the genetic aberrations in the individual cancer cells are currently revolutionizing oncology – leading to a paradigm shift in the treatment of many tumor types.

Targeted therapies

Targeted drugs and immunotherapeutic agents often allow a much more precise cancer control and thus better chances for healing than regular chemotherapies. But very detailed information about the molecular nature of the individual tumor is required for the development and use of such targeted therapies. However, since analyzation of the unique genetic profile of a tumor became possible in a short time at acceptable costs, it is possible to identify individual molecular aberrations that drive carcinogenesis and use them as target structures for highly effective and well-tolerated drugs.

Clinical trials

In order to manage a quick transfer of new scientific findings into a benefit for the individual patient, the MOLIT Institute cooperates with the Clinical Trial Unit at the Cancer Center Heilbronn-Franken. Clinical trials have led to significant advances in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in recent years. Participation in a clinical trial is of paramount to those patients for whom there are no effective treatment methods available or conventional therapies have proved ineffective. These patients are given the opportunity to be treated with the latest drugs and procedures long before they are available to the general public. The spectrum of current clinical studies includes hemato-oncological diseases as well as tumors of the lungs, digestive tract, genital tract, the skin and the head and neck and numerous other types of cancer.